Avoid Cinnamon e-juice flavors

In a prior study on electronic cigarette (EC) refill fluids, Cinnamon Ceylon was the most cytotoxic of 36 products tested. The purpose of the current study was to determine if high cytotoxicity is a general feature of cinnamon-flavored EC refill fluids and to identify the toxicant(s) in Cinnamon Ceylon. Eight cinnamon-flavored refill fluids, which were screened using the MTT assay, varied in their cytotoxicity with most being cytotoxic.

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5 thoughts on “Avoid Cinnamon e-juice flavors”

  1. I read your post about your glomus tumor, and let me tell you, I know exactly what hell you are going through!! I have been suffering for about two years now. I couldn’t take it anymore! I finally went to a doctor who has ordered an MRI! Praying that they can take this tumor out!! The agonizing pain is unbearable! I have no idea how you lasted for so many years!!

      1. The MRI didn’t show anything, but we were able to pinpoint where the tumor was because of the pain I was feeling. I had surgery march 4th. I felt better instantly…I am still recovering..it’s sore…but so much better than before!

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