make it worth something

Life is so precarious. Everything – literally, everything – hinges on making halfway smart choices. People every day lose their footing and slip under the ice and are never seen again. A good job today is no guarantee of safety, food, health, or shelter tomorrow, especially when the realization suddenly thumps you in the chest that your ninth life isn’t going to come with any second chances.

The worst thing imaginable is living a life that ends when one dies. When i die, i want to have done something important in some way, even small. I want to pass that along to somebody. Any sort of legacy, just some evidence of a brief but intentional, earnest, meaningful ride on this hurtling rock.

I guess what i’m saying is this: it’s just about impossible to reach for the stars when you’re tied to the tracks. So give yourself a little elbow room and use it well – don’t merely use it.

Avoid Cinnamon e-juice flavors

In a prior study on electronic cigarette (EC) refill fluids, Cinnamon Ceylon was the most cytotoxic of 36 products tested. The purpose of the current study was to determine if high cytotoxicity is a general feature of cinnamon-flavored EC refill fluids and to identify the toxicant(s) in Cinnamon Ceylon. Eight cinnamon-flavored refill fluids, which were screened using the MTT assay, varied in their cytotoxicity with most being cytotoxic.

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